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Food is not free. Why would you choose this name?

  > You’re right, it's not free. Growing food is one of the hardest and most important jobs in every community across the globe. Our food system currently in place is one of great disparities and inequalities. Everyone should have equal access to fresh healthy foods but in a system of commodities that has not been the reality of millions of worldwide citizens. The Free Food is Free model is based upon the idea of sharing what we have. Sharing one tomato or a million makes a difference. If we created systems of sharing; seeds, knowledge, space, harvests, & time then food becomes free. Not free of input but We the People become free of the bondage the current food system has us all under.

What is FIFNM trying to accomplish?

  > The goal of FIFNM is to create long-lasting partnerships with local people looking to make a big difference in their communities. We also look to build equitable communities through a network of organizations & groups throughout the state that focuses on food surplus redistribution. Together we can create a statewide movement that ensures all New Mexicans may live in abundance.

Why was Food is Free New Mexico created?

  Access to fresh food is a basic human right. Food is an integral part of the human experience and impacts every single aspect of life:

  • How do you focus on learning with hunger pains?

  • How do you have the energy to work when you haven't had enough to eat?

  • How do you remain healthy when you can only access food void of nutrition?

Who does Food is Free NM work with?

  > FIFNM encourages the creation of regional Food is Free chapters through building relationships with local farms, orchards, and backyard gardeners. These partnerships create networks for harvesting as well as logistical grapevines for the abundance that may otherwise go to waste. Contact us to see what we can build together!

Why is this program so important in New Mexico?

  > In New Mexico, 315,990 people are struggling with hunger - and of them 114,180 are children. This fact, however, barely touches the surface of why an initiative such as this is so important in our state. Let's discuss it more >>

How can I find out more about Food is Free New Mexico & how do I see what's happening?

  > Follow us on Social Media or subscribe below to see what FIFNM is planing next!


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