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Sharing Food

There are SO MANY ways to share food! The Food is Free projects around the country have specialized and extremely successful ways of sharing food!

  • Food is Free Albuquerque

    • FIFABQ is a gleaning group within our own Land of Enchantment. They harvest fruit trees on private properties as well as farms, with the excess donated to local organizations feeding those in need. They also offer various pop-ups which have included growing boxes, seed shares, and many more!

  • Food is Free Milwaukee

    • “Take what you need, give what you don’t” to stock their food pantry, harvest sharing shelf, and community fridge.​

  • Food is Free Tacoma

    • Food is Free 253 builds front yard and parkway vegetable gardens for all the neighborhood to see. They also install sharing tables throughout the city.

  • Food is Free Ballarat

    • This location relies on drop off or collect surplus of nutritious food (veggies, fruit, herbs etc) for free and connect with the neighbourhood. They also offer workshops to educate the community, community gardens, seeds, and small donated growing vessles.


There are over 350 Food is Free chapters all over the world.

Each offering their own unique views and methods.

The methods are not important, but rather the results - the SHARING of food.

Food is freedom. Food is power. Let's give the power back to the people.

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