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Food Justice

Social Justice

At Food Is Free New Mexico (FIFNM), we understand the deep connection humans have with their food, recognizing both the abundance and the scarcity. We see the drastic contrast of scarcity and abundance within New Mexico. FIFNM links with those serving locally to find the abundance and connect it within their served region. 

Food is Free New Mexico encourages local action through the creation and support of regional chapters to create sustainable and long-lasting solutions. We see community abundance exists not only in food but also in localized society. Our commitment to our statewide community is finding solutions that empower the people, not only in New Mexico but in the world. The core of our efforts is to equip local people and organizations with the blueprint and power to access what is available in their communities. ​

Fresh food is a basic human right. We strive to empower those who dream of a better world where no person knows the pain that is hunger.

Pledge to Volunteer

Take a step for progress and join FIFNM in feeding New Mexico!

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